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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chicken in Pita

I don't usually tend to lean on food in bread. I don't like bread, but I have a boyfriend who's mad about it. So I decided to give him a nice surprise, while it was not so fattening to me.

Chicken in Pita / Chicken Kebab serves 2
2 chickenbreasts
salt and peppar
1 tsp oil
6 tbsp yogurt (max 8% fat
2 garlic clove
2 pitas (á 65 g)


Cut the chicken into smaller pieces and season with chili, salt and peppar. Fry it in a pan with the oil.
Mix yogurt, salt, peppar, pressed garlic and ginger to a cold sauce.Cut the pita open and spread the sauce on both insides, spread the cut lettuce on the bottom, top with some tomato slices and coriander. Put the warm chicken on top and choose weather you want the fefferoni inside or on the side.

This meal is 8 weightwatchers points and it's mighty tasty enjoy!


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