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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This recipe was made by Nigella in one of the Episodes of one of her shows. I instantly grew curious off it and wanted to try it, even though frying things isn't healthy or anything I've done, which is why I failed miserably. I think this would have been delicious if I'd only fried them long enough, but learn from my mistake, fry each lambchop for a couple of minutes, I'd suggest around five. I didn't even know they weren't done until after serving them to a boyfriend with big, amazed eyes and drooling mouth.
I should also say that Nigella used a dried pitabread and not panko but I had heard so many praises about Panko that I acctually went out and bought some just for this occation.


8 Lambchops
3/4 cups of Panko
2 eggs
1 tbsp parmesan

Mix parmesan and Panko together on a flat plate. Whisk the egg. Then dip the chops one at the time in the eggs and then Pankomix, before frying them in oil. Don't use olive oil, I used rapsolja (maiseoil? cornoil? couldn't find any translation for it).
Without the oil this whole combination comes to a total of 14 points, and no one would tell me what it'd would give to fry something so I doubled the points after drying out all the chops on a piece of paper.
I then served it with salad and tzaziki.


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