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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Soup again :)

Soup...yes i seem to have a thing about soup right now. Maybe it is beacause of how cold it is now and you really need something that will keep you warm and snug :)

Potato and leek soup

300 gram potato (i used about 8)
½ leek
1 chicken stock cube
½ liter water
3dl cooking cream (i used 1 minimat)
salt, peppar

Peel and slice the potatos & leek thinly. Let them boil until soft in water and the stock cube. Add the cream and boil an additonal 5-7mins.

Blitz until you get a smooth soup with a hand held blender. Taste and see if it needs more salt & peppar. If the soup is too thick just add some water.
Serves 4.

The soup was delicious! Only 2 points for this soup so you can do what i did and fry some bacon crispy and eat with the soup. 2 strips of crispy bacon is 3 points and totally worth aduldging in.


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