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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some kind of Magic...

Sometimes I think I'm the typical person tv-ads center themselves to. I always get interested in things I see on TVShop, acctually everything that isn't gym equipment. I atleast know better than that...
So the latest thing my eyes fell on was... the Magic Bullet. I swear the first time the ad ran on tv I hated it. The second and third time too, but then everytime I used my own kitchenappliance I swore to myself because I didn't have the bullet. that and I want a juice maker.
But the price, oh the price, it was painful! 999 SEK ($140). Way too much! But maybe if I could convince my sister that she'd want one... We'd get two for 1500 (209)... hmmmm. But then I started searching info about it online, and I was surprised how many people had something positive to say about it, and I also found a site where the Bullet would cost 799 for one. Intruiging. What if I could find it cheaper... and I did! I found it for £59.95 ($77) and with shipping it came to £69, which was cheaper than the rest. Yeah I did it... I went and bought it... and it arrived yesterday. All I've looked at so far is the recipe book that comes with it, just because I couldn't help myself. Now I'm dumbfounded. What should I do first? Make some carrot juice? Or maybe some sort of energydrink? Oh can't someone come with advice?
Once I've used it a fair bit of times I'll evaluate it for everyone so you'll know if it's worth buying or not...


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