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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Healthy Seabass

I was over at my sisters house watching BBCFOOD and I kind of jumped right into them making a whole ovenbaked seabass. Since I love fish and also because it looked amazing when it was done I decided to try it. However I couldn't remember much of the recipe so I had to improvise, and it was delicious.
I think fish is perfect for summer because it's light and you don't feel overworked after eating it like you sometimes do with both meat and pasta dishes.
I was also surprised that seabass wasn't as expensive as I had anticipated.
I cleaned my fish myself but I bet you can ask your fishmonger to clean it for you.

Ovenbaked Seabass serves atleast 4

1 whole seabss (mine weighed 1kg)
a bunch of asparagus
2 lemons
1 kg new potatoes
a hand full of parsley
oil, salt and peppar

Boil the potatoes.
Clean the fish. Stuff the insides of the fish with the asparagus, salt it and end it with lemon wedges. Keep it all closed in by tying it up with a plastic rope. Put it into the oven at 190 degrees celsius at around 20 minutes.
I putmy fish on a ovenplate but covered the plate with tinfoil before so I wouldn't have to do so much dishwashing.
Cut the potatoes into halves and fry them in oil with the parsley.
The asparagus will become perfect because they wont get dried up inside the fish.
I wish I hadn't been so hungry because we devored half the fish before I thought about taking a photo of it...


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