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Saturday, August 26, 2006


For Weekend Dog Blogging!
Another Weekend has arrived, and here's another round of pictures of my darling Love! The light of my life!!

There are some places that are acceptable places to sleep at. Daddys lap is one of them.

Another is right infront of the tv, that way we get noticed everytime we move.

But the best part is in our very own bed. Nothing screams comfort like this one...

Now for all you Stockholmers out there... if you haven't been already, you should really go to Tensta and check out TenstaMarknad! The food is awesome and the music is great! There are also different stand selling all kinds of stuff! I was working until 1 am there yesterday so I never got a chance to take pictures of the food stands, but I know the designated photographer of the event so when he's processed his film I'll beg for some to show the rest of you what you're missing. I did however get to stuff myself with pirog, winedolmes, tabulleh, sambusa and loads more just because I was working there! Yummie!!!
Unfortunetly for you who decide to go check it out today is that you missed Ayesha yesterday, who was completely awesome! That woman can move! I heard Dogge was good too but I never got a chance to go see him... Martin Bentancourt was nice, but I never had time to check his show out either. His dancers drove me insane though...
Yeah I worked int he "artist lounge"...


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