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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome Back Catching Points!!

The best thing about Blogger is, that it keeps your post forever.
I have a blog in here that was like a diary 5 years ago. Imagine reading that.

Anyway. I abandoned wordpress, which gave me nothing but grief. Everytime I fixed one bugg another appeared. Out of the blue. It was like having a virus on your harddrive except it was on my boybeater server. Nope, gone it had to go.

I'm planning on posting here every now and then. Get up what I'm eating now and how it makes me drop pound after pound! You'll love it! I get to eat fat!

I'm also waiting for my Blogger By Mail package. I sent mine of weeks before it had to go, but no sign of recieving one.... I'm probably one of the packages not even shipped yet. It would be the icing on an already miserable month. Yes I'm bitter...

I haven't got a reciepe for you just yet. I'm gonna write about GI one of these days aswell. I wont be a daily updated blog, for one of those go to for example Annes Food. She just posted about the BBM package she got.