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Monday, July 14, 2008

BBM thanks to the absolutely lovely Stephanie!

I never got my BBM pack. Well not the one intended for me and I had just gotten to peace with it, because it's someones time each time and this time it was mine, when... I found a big box waiting for me!
Stephanie, who is hosting Blogging By Mail sent me some things and I'm thrilled!
This is what I got:
- Bathstuff from the Worldmarket. Peppermint scented...
- Popcorn, HOT mmm can't wait to try these!
- Heinz Ketchup, a really small bottle that I'm giving to my nephew, who loves small bottles.
- A cute serving dish, silver coloured. From the Worldmarket
- Torani hazelnut flavoured syrup... for my coffee!
- Worldmarket mermaid drink markers... I have a mini bar and these fit right in!!
- Bamboo Picks, well with these and the drink markers, I guess I ought to have a cocktail party soon!
- Chowards Violet
- Clark bar
- Fruit Stripe gum
- Nutella
- Scharfenberger chocolate
- Newtree ginger chocolate
- Vosges Red Fire Bar (chili chocolate)
- Loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts

And wow, that's all I think.
I haven't got much to say about the candy yet cause I haven't tried much as I'm dieting. I did eat some of the chocolate though... Scharfenberger, which I got in 3 flavours, semisweet, bittersweet and extra dark. I love dark chocolate and this went straight to the top list of flavours! I also had to try the chili chocolate and ginger chocolate and I liked both. Although I love a more spicier chili flavour. Preferably one that slightly burn the lips. Mmmmmm

I think Stephanie is an angel. She didn't have to send me a gift, I was ok with missing my pack. Sad but ok, and I was just looking forward to next round! Now I didn't only get a ton of cool stuff and candy, I got inspiration for next round... I'm gonna raid my mums shop for a cool dish. She's got alot of 50-80's stuff that I just love. It all depends on the reciever of course.

PS, myc amera's broke, took the picture with my cellphone. Sorry but it was either that or no picture at all.