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Monday, September 04, 2006


My mother and I are relly close. And alot alike. Sometimes that means we fight and are both too stubborn to ever let the other win. Well maybe after a week of not speaking to eachother one will break.
Most often though it means that we take the time now and then to go out, have a sip of some good red wine (she only drinks red) and maybe maybe maybe a bite to eat. My mother is a food nazi. If the food isn't cooked to perfection it's sent back. Or well she used to be that harsh, these days she just wont touch it after the first bite and if the poor waiter asks what's wrong he or she will get their ears full. That happens more often than you'd think because good resturants are hard to find.
But last thursday we met up in Kungsträdgården. We didn't know what we were in the mood for we were just hungry so we didn't walk far, we ended up at Bakfickan which is an extension to Opera Källan a very posh place in Stockholm.
At first I thought, because according to a sign they had typical swedish food, that I'd be eating meatballs and mashed potatoes and was a bit bummed because I can make that at home, but when I got the menu my eyes fell on my first treat. Oysters (30sek/piece).

I haven't had oysters for years. Mostly because I'm the only one who eats them of everyone I know, but also because they cost a nice penny. Sadly this was the only piece of food we got in that I remember to photo before I took a bite.
Next thing I ordered in, which my mother decided on as well was Beef Tartar (200sek) which is a raw beef, made from really fresh meat that has just been ground. I'm sorry the picture is so messed up, I couldn't really tell it was when I was at the resturant.

Yes I forgot I had a camera and purpose. The beef was originally perfectly placed in the middle of the plate with a raw eggyolk on top, around it there were three piles, one of capers, one of chopped raw onion and one of chopped swedish beet. You can eat it however you please but as you can see, my way is mixing the ingredients I want in and then eat. It was served with some mustard sauce on the side but I don't need any sauce with this delicious meat. And it was absolutely devine!

Last and least, dessert. I was completely filled so I ordered a martini(105sek), which my mother had to point out several times (even to the waitor) was a drink to begin a meal with and not end it. She ordered a chocolate mousse. This was the first time we got disappointed. The chocolate mousse was in a beautiful chocolate made cup, but it tasted of only cream with a small small splash of chocolate in it. Not at all satisfying.
In the end the meal was close to excellent, the beef tartar and the oysters left me with a huge grin on my face, but then again I didn't pay. We shared a bottle of red wine that I in the haste of joy forgot to photograph or even remember the name of. All and all, for two people the bill came to about 1300 sek. If you can afford it, it's worth every penny. Now I owe my mother a big night out!

Only negative thing about Bakfickan is the waiting. For waitors. There are basically only old men waiting the tables, which is quite adorable and makes the place feel extremely classy. To begin with we had excellent service. Wine glasses constantly filled, attention on removing plates, but somewhere after getting the dinner we suddenly got ignored. And getting the dessert list aswell as the check took a bit of work, more than I'd like to give. So don't go there if you're in a hurry or hate trying to get a waiters attention...

Karl XII:s Torg
phone: 08-6765809


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