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Monday, August 28, 2006

Dead easy but awesome FRIED CHICKEN

The easiest but incredibly yummie fried chicken you've made...

cayenne pepper
oil (not olive)

Heat the oil in a deep pan. You don't need to add alot, halv a cup is sufficent.
spice up your chicken and then cover it in flour, shake excess flour off.
Heat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.
When the oil is hot enough add your chicken. I used legs. Don't add all if you're doing alot. When one side is golden, flip it over. You just want it to get colour and get a bit crispy but you don't have to let it cook through.
When all chicken pieces have fried, put them in a heatproof bowl and put them in the oven. While the chicken is cooking through, make a salad and fry some potatoes to go with the chicken.
The chicken usually takes around 15 minutes to cook through.
It's delicious and for me it's perfect for those days when pms cravings are getting to me. But best is to do this with chickenwings, and then add some hot sauce when they're done. Or tabasco. MMMMMMM!


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