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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


If anyone's been wondering why I haven't been posting so much lately it's because I'm working hard, at school. Which is somewhat of a relief to me. I was afraid I'd be slacking off, or acctually too stupid to understand a word that's been said. But I'm enjoying myself. I'm studying Management at the moment, which is a part of my business economy. Very interesting.
Of course I have time to cook, but maybe not all that interesting everyday.
A few days ago though, I tried to make polenta for the first time, but I couldn't find anywhere or anyone to tell me the polenta-liquid ratio, so I used a 1 part polenta, two part water and it worked out fine. Next time I'll just not put the polenta in the oven for that long (the crust became a bit too hard) and I'll use broth instead of water.
I liked it, it wasn't that appriciated by my boyfriend though. He doesn't have much to say about it though since he never cooks...


  • yes.. maybe that it..

    good post

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