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Saturday, October 18, 2008

BBM 10 items or less

It's funny. Last BBM (which you can read down below, because I haven't posted anything else since then, stupid me), I waited and waited for my package and it never arrived. Instead Stephanie was a sweetheart and sent me a package.
This time, I was much luckier and acctually was one of the first to recieve my package.

See the list and follow the links here.

Rice and grits from the Carolina plantation. I got most excited about these and even though I'm on a GI diet at the moment, I can't wait to use these somehow!!

American tea. I've never tried american tea, I didn't even know there was anything called that. Interesting.

Sugar covered pecan nuts. These were deadly sweet but delicious ;) I gave them to my friend Kara as she loves all nuts. She was thrilled!

Charleston Chew. I've had these before as we have an american food store, and they mostly sell sweets. I like the chocolate flavoured ones more haha.

I also got some lemon marmelade and some nicks and nacks...
12 kitchen labels, a museum bookmark, metal tags and something I'm guessing is a christmas ornament in the shape of a sweetgrass basket.
Now I'm off to thank the person who sent me all these things, here!

NOTE apparently this post is blocked because of as put in an email "something that rimes with corn"... hmmm if anyone knows which part would cause this please leave me a note ;)

OH and if anyone who uses blogger, knows why I keep getting an error code saying bX-pier7a when I try to post, again please contact me...