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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh Wey for being poor.

I've always had these spur of the moment fascinations. It's been getting friends all over the world through letters (I was up to over 100 people in over 50 countries), the best part was looking forward to getting the mail each day. It's been webdesigning, constantly updating and renewing what I know, evolving and trying everything I can get my hands on. Once it was even trying to excell in writing, trying to get thoughts and words down on paper to be able to gather it all up ina coprehending mash. Eventually I grew tired to most of it...
Lately it's been food, but to be honest I'm losing interest.
Sure, I like to cook and sometimes photograph it, but it's not the passion it was at first, though I had a thousand ideas of what to make. Usually, these days, what keeps me from trying is fear of failing and the lack of utensils in the kitchen.

I mean who would have thought, leaving your parents house, that you would need a potatopress (to translate bluntly from swedish), because it simplifies mashing potatoes... or that a strainer is desperetely needed when you're making rice or simply baking. I just foolishly assumed my colander would do...
I was clever enough to make sure I had a good cooking knife, but a friend ruined that one for me by somehow getting a dent in the blade, don't ask me how, and then claiming not to have noticed... hmmmmm...
Starting to get curious of what to buy I found a whole world I haven't been invited to, where people seem to know what to need or use. For instance I've never used a rice cooker, but I desperetly want one though I have no idea how they work.
I had no idea of all the baking equipment there is and I get frustrated and a bit stressed because I want to buy so much that I can't afford... I also want to make elaborate cakes, but just the decorating will cost me more than a cake from a bakery would. Oh Wey for being poor.


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