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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Daniels Meal

It's not often my boyfriend cooks, so when he called me from work yesterday to say he wanted to have the honour I was first sceptical... Chili again? Or according to him, his specialty (and fattening) egg sandwiches?
He sometimes forget I'm WeightWatching so his ideas are usually tasty but greasy... but yesterday he called and said he wanted to make me some raw fried potatoes, beef and salad. Acctually I added the salad but he never says no to it (anymore).

So I was treated to a nice meal yesterday. Unfortunetly he forgets that spices give more taste once heated and incorporated in the meal through frying or cooking, so the potatoes tasted like white peppar and nothing else, which kinda burnt your mouth. But look at how he'd arranged everything! He was especially proud of the salad!


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