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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Peas Doodles

This time I don't have a menu to blog. I'm moving this weekend and that means alot of fast foods and low on time.
But the other day I felt like taking the time to take the dog for a long walk, and along the walk, visit all asian stores I could find (addicted). Two came along and on the first I found a snack that seemed healthy and intruiging...

I thought that it'd look like peas fried in something but after opening the package I found that it looked more like cheese doodles turned green...

But they were tasty. A gentler taste than the regular doodles, but a sweeter one. Very yummy and they are now going to be my party snacks. Only 10 SEK a bag (1 Euro, or about $1,25), dead cheap by other words, even though they have a funny look... sorry about the open bag I had opened it before I got my camera back from lending it out..
A whole bag is 7 points and worth it!!


  • Those are too funny. I think I will send those to school in my kids' lunch on St. Patricks Day

    By Blogger mb, At 8:18 PM  

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