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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sallad Caprese

First of, I've got to tell you about the tastiest Buffalo Mozzarella you can buy here in Sweden. You can't find it everywhere but luckily for me, my local grocery store has it. It's tastier than most and you should spend the extra pennies it'll cost you to buy it. Bonta' di Bufala is yummie. There.

INSALATA CAPRESE serves 2, 5points each
1 package (125g) of Buffalo Mozzarella
1 cup of coctail tomatoes
1 tbsp wine vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
10 basil leaves
salt and peppar

Cut all the coctail tomatoes in halves or quarters depending on your taste. Tear up all the buffalo mozzarella on top. Tear the basil leaves into pieces and spread on the tomatoes and mozzarella. Mix everything up.
Salt and peppar by taste, pour vinegar and oil over it all and serve!


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