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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Comfort food

There are some things that just is basic comfort food. This sandwich is one of them.

Grilled parmaham and mozzarella sandwich

2 ciabatta breads

1 big buffalo mozzarella (about 250grams)

200 gram parmaham thinly sliced

3-4 tomatoes

Slice the ciabattas in two. Cut the tomatoes in small pieces and place ontop of the bread. Rip the parmaham into smaller pieces and drape over the tomatoes. Slice the mozzarella and put it on top of the parmaham. Then into the oven, 225 C until the mozzarella has melted and has turned the color you prefer. Serves 2 or if you want to use as an first course it could serve 4-6. When it serves 2 like it did this day it´s 12 points.


  • With that food porn community, you have to have a livejournal account and join the community to post there. Then, when someone (there are hundreds, if not thousands of members) makes a post, it just shows up in the community. I only post there every once in a while because I don't really like the hassle of livejournal, but there are loads of great recipes there, so I read the site daily. I hope that helped.

    This grilled paraham and mozzarella sandwich has me DROOLING!

    By Blogger Erin Eats, At 12:30 AM  

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