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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lamb ragu

I was at my mums office today to fix some legal stuff, when done I sat down with some of her co-workers for some coffee. I was chatting with my mother about what to make for dinner when her boss said I should make a lamb ragu. So I just followed his steps and added a few of mine...

Lamb Ragu for 4, 6p/pers
lamb 1 kg with bone or 500g without
any vegetables and roots you have at home and/or like
some butter
one can of whole or chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp cornstarch

Rub the lamb with the the herbs (I used coriander, peppar, salt, chili, parsley) and fry them lightly in the butter. You want the taste of the lamb to come out. Add the vegetables, tomatoes and some water. Let it all simmer for 1-2 hours so the meat will release from the bone.
Remove the lamb from the mix and cut it into pieces, give the bones to your dog if you've got one, it'll love them and don't worry he/she can digest them!
Here's where I differ from my mums boss, I ran the vegetable mix through a strainer
added some cornstarch to the fluids. I let it thicken and then added the meat.

I added some broccoli afterwards, because I like vegetables in my food! I used some of the fluids for the rice I made, delicious!!!


  • Ohhh this looks great. I haven't ever tried lamb, aside from greek gyros, and that's ground meat, so I guess it doesn't really count!

    By Blogger Erin Eats, At 1:10 AM  

  • Do you count lamb as red meat?
    The problem with it is that it can easily go unnoticed in food, so make sure to spice it up :) and fry it some before you put it in any stew so it brings the flavours to the surface...
    The best lamb I ever had was on an swedish island called gotland, the have alot of lamb there and me and my boyfriend went to this restaurant where they grill the whole thing over a fire. OMG it was the best thing I've ever eaten!!! I'm hoping to go back this summer! :)

    By Blogger Lexi, At 6:48 PM  

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