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Friday, March 10, 2006

The best doggie treat

I sometimes buy my dog bagged doggie treats. But just as I try not to stuff myself with artificial shit, I think he deserves nothing but the same right as I've got, so it's dried pigs ears or pigs tails or dried anchovie pieces.
My boyfriend however loves to buy all shit they've got, to see what the dog likes the most.
In the end however, the only thing that makes the dog really guard the treat are home made liver candy. To make these treats the only thing you have to do is, is buy the cheapest liver in the store if you're broke, I bought lamb liver because it's low fat (my dog is hyper sensitive against fat) and he seems to like it the most. Cut it into small squares and then put it in the oven on an extremely low heat (I put it on 100 degrees celsius/212 F) and let it dry completely (it takes hours, so do it over night). The drier the better because it'll keep longer and the dog has to work a little to get it all digested, which for me is always success. Anything that keeps him from swallowing everything whole makes me happy.
Trust me, the appartment will smell and the dog will guard the oven with his life. But anything to make our precious babies happy, right??
Keep these treats in an airtight container when done, they'll keep for a long while but better safe than sorry...


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